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Start 2023 doing different: Have your own business and become your own boss!

Learn exclusive homemade candle techniques and become a professional in up to 7 days

Making candles

it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Meet the demand

Artesanal candle is always a great gift! Whether for a wedding gift, baby shower, baptism, gifting who you love or simply to relax and take care of yourself!

No competition

The craftsmenal candle market is growing more and more! Due to the pandemic, many people have invested in items that provide relaxation and welfare. If you want to thrive in this business, the time is now!

Low cost

The raw material is very accessible and it's long lasting! You can make amazing quality candle not spending a lot! Nothing better than low price, is it? You have exactly that here!


this course is for you!

If you answer yes to one of those questions, this is absolutely for you!!

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What you're about to learn:

and much more


We’ll teach you everything! This course is for everyone who wanna learn how to make candle from scratch or who wishes to improve their knowledge.

Supplies list

We have a list of all the materials you need to start your production.

Scented and Phytotherapic Candles

We have wonderful phytotherapic and scented candle recipes to relax and energize your environment!

Vegetable wax candles

We teach you how to make candles with soy, coconut and bee wax!


return warranty

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We’re sure you’ll love our Homemade Candle Course!

That’s why, We’ll give you a 15 days Return Warranty or your money back!!

Yes, We give you 100% of your investment back with no hassle!

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Ivy M.

“I started to make my candles and I am so happy! This is my first candle and is beautiful Thank you so much for the opportunity. It has been amazing!”

Charlotte S.

“Hi dear! I came to show you the candles I am making and selling. Is being a success!! I bought the course to distract myself and make my own candles but I felt in love. I started to sell to my friends and family… now lots of people are buying my candles. The course is fantastic, thank you!”

Megan W.

“Hi! I came to say how happy I am with this course. I was very surprised! The recipes are great and easy to make. I’m loving to produce my artesanal candles!!”


satisfied students!

Our students are growing big in this market!

This is your opportunity to open your own business and make a lot of money by making and selling homemade candles!


Be your own boss

Step by step guide

Exclusive recipes

Work from home



Getting the Homemade Candle Course today, you’ll get not only the course, but also six incredible bonuses with everything you need to open your own business!


Official Certificate

Official Certificate with 10h workload



How to make your own business

Specialist tips to set up your own business!


How to price candles

A complete manual with everything you need to know to price your candles correctly


Budget plan

Budget plan to financially organize your recipe production!

Why should you buy

the Homemade candle course?

You don't need to have experience

You don't need to have experience in the area, we teach you everything from basics to advanced so you can open your own business.

It's easier than you think

Believe me, making candles is much easier than you think! You just have to follow our step by step guide and read all the tips! You can't go wrong with it!

It's lucrative

The raw material is very accessible and it's long lasting! You can make amazing quality candle not spending a lot!

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Be your own boss

Unemployment no more!

Improve your budget


Imagine you in a few weeks working on the comfort of your home and making your own homemade candle?!

As you start improving yourself and attracting more clients, it will be even easier to sell your candle and make more money, providing a financial comfort to your family.

Make your dream come true! Here, let us show you that living off candle making art is possible!


to get access:


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This is a life change opportunity!

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  • Complete step by step guide
  • Basic to advanced content
  • Official Certificate


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